4th Density Saturdays

Open Space Church

A sacred container built from our collective intelligence.

4th Density Saturdays are a monthly, participatory, experiential gathering of seekers.
To practice embodying the sacred, and co-creating the New Earth.

Join us on the fourth Saturday of the month .

We will run the event via Open Space Technology, which is a method of hosting a gathering in a deeply and meaningfully participatory way.


Let's gather together


in a strong, co-created incubator made of:
• Grace + Goodness,
• accountability for personal growth + evolution,
• sharing teachings,
• support + encouragement for our souls' missions.


to choose and practice:
• our collective evolution,
• with radical intention,
• & a meaningful sense of belonging and purpose.

with a holistic integration of:
• teaching and learning,
• open source spirituality,
• multidimensional skillshares,
• study groups + discussions,
• open source harmony + conflict resolution technologies,
• development + evolution of personal + collective offerings,
• movement and authentic relating practices,
• service initiatives,
• nurturing physical, emotional, and spiritual community health,
• & whatever else we want to create together.


Joining the TOTOH Collective

is required to attend the event; which calls for a declaration of dedication to open-heartedness and service to all.

(It will be simplest to join the Collective online before the event, though you’ll be able to in person as well.)

Learn more and join here: totoh.org/community.


12:00 Arrival
12:15 Opening Circle
12:45 Open Space Marketplace
1:00 Sessions Begin
4:45 Closing Circle
5:00 Potluck*
6:00 Fire* (in the cooler months)
* (Optional, open to the public)

We're opening our hearts, intentionally, consciously, and transparently, together.

We so look forward to gathering.

Event location can be found on the TOTOH Collective membership dashboard. (Must be logged in to view the page.)