Finding Stillness

Our Daily Meditation Practice

The foundation of our work.

A practice of meditation is a cornerstone of the way of the open heart, and an essential form of making direct contact with our guidance and truth. Similarly, Finding Stillness is a central orienting rhythm for our community.

Beginning March 1st, 2023, join us every day at 11:11am Eastern for a 15-minute practice of stillness and finding inner silence.

"The mind must be opened like a door. The key is silence."
– Ra, 5.2


Open mind, open heart.

This simple, regular, and reliable container is an opportunity to embody more of who and what we already are.

We hold it daily for consistency and ready availability in our lives. We keep it short to make it easier for a regular practice to be a priority. And we do it together for the mutual support as well as the collective energetic benefits of aligning hearts, minds, and intentions.

Some members of the TOTOH team sometimes have our video on during meditation. You're welcome to have yours on or off, whatever supports your practice.

Feel free to arrive early to get settled in. We will begin and end with a bell.


Joining the TOTOH Collective

is required to attend the event; which calls for a declaration of dedication to open-heartedness and service to all. Learn more and join here.

The access link for the calls is located in the TOTOH Collective dashboard.

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