Sharing the Path

Monthly Collective Uplift Call

Listening and sharing from the heart.

Sharing the Path is our monthly drop-in time: deepening our relationships, speaking from our own experience, celebrating one another, sharing wisdom, and offering and receiving support.

Join us 12 - 1:30pm Eastern on the second Saturday of the month starting February 11, 2023.


Weaving our collective fabric.

This community practice space has a foundation of openness and honesty, built with kindness and honoring one another's journeys.

Though the format may change from one call to the next, the culture remains the same. We actively engage in personal reflection, listening for resonance and common threads in one another's shares.

To create a strongly connected container, we request that participants be present and ready to bring their full attention for the duration of each call.


Joining the TOTOH Collective

is required to attend the event; which calls for a declaration of dedication to open-heartedness and service to all. Learn more and join here.

The access link for the calls is located in the TOTOH Collective dashboard.

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