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A learning community for positive seekers.

TOTOH Academy is a project of TOTOH. Short for Temple of the Open Heart. TOTOH is a spiritual organization in Asheville, North Carolina whose purpose is to support positive evolution.

Positive evolution is a metaphysical process that occurs within individuals and the collective. The core of this process is awakening and opening the heart, and connecting with the Earth. As more and more beings access the radiant frequencies of an open heart, the more possibility there is of awakening the collective field, and therefore all hearts, in concert with the planet.

Spoiler alert: The next stage available here is globally connected consciousness!!


Through this practice, we come to know more directly and intimately what we are, through a specific and focused undoing of what we're not.


An open-eyed exploration of the foundations of the universe. What are the ontological primitives upon which we rest our understanding of ourselves and our lives?


Within this track we study and engage best practices for nurturing and maintaining authentic connection, and supporting one another to live an evolutionary life.

Our History and Our Team

Study to Practice to Serve.

The TOTOH project evolved out of a long-standing Law of One study group that started in June 2016 in Asheville, NC. A dynamic group of about 20 of us intrepid seekers gathered weekly to study and practice this timeless spiritual philosophy on the evolution of humankind.

From there emerged a desire to more coherently serve positive evolution.

TOTOH and then the Academy were born.

Our Academy team is currently made up of two of the study group and TOTOH founders – Aaron Maret and BJ Harden Jones – and our dear friend Amanda Seta.

Aaron Maret

Aaron is the lead on the Cosmology track, and co-lead on Relating. His balanced intellect with intuition, passion for grokking the context in which we find ourselves, and ability to synthesize and share what he's learned are key skills he shares with our project.

About Aaron

BJ Harden Jones

BJ is the lead on the Inquiry track, and co-lead on Relating. Through both the blessing and the subsequent cultivation of an open mind and an open heart, BJ's devotion to studying and embodying the truth of her nature shines as her gift in the world.

About BJ

Amanda Seta

Amanda is support team on the Inquiry Track. She's been studying and practicing esoteric and earth-based healing since 2002, and self-inquiry since 2018. She shares with us her dedication to our birthright of freedom through our own unique intuitive guidance.

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