Law of One Study Group

Studying Oneness, Seeking Truth

A community of independent seekers gathers weekly to study the spiritual philosophy of the Law of One.

TOTOH started with our study group. Since summer of 2016, we’ve been hosting regular in-person meetings to both study and practice the teachings of specific channeled material on the spiritual evolution of humankind. Study Group has been our flagship event, and the seed of so much else that TOTOH has become.

We gather in sacred circle, read and study, share perspectives on dimensional shift, unity consciousness, and other topics relevant to seekers. We also aim to balance and harmonize our own vessels, seeking the direct experience of Oneness that mystics have foretold through the ages.

Our friend Gary, a scholar of the study material, interprets the balancing teachings in this way: “The more deeply we activate, balance, clear, and eventually crystallize our energy centers, the more we discover love and light in the moment…”

Learn more about the material – The Ra Contact –and the group who channeled it in the ’80s on the Ra Contact page at L/L Research.

Intro Video

This two-hour video, created by our team, outlines and explains the main topics and ideas from the Law of One.

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Study group format.

Starting in 2023, we began a brand new online format for the study group. We meet via Zoom, in order to include seekers and students from anywhere on Earth who would like to participate. And starting February 2024, we began a collaboration with fellow study group facilitators: Peggy Lester and Greg Holden.

Meetings are co-facilitated by TOTOH Academy faculty member, BJ Harden Jones. They take place every other Sunday 10:30am-12:30pm, Eastern time, starting February 18th, 2024. Use our calendar as a handy reminder of our on and off weeks. The access link for the calls is located in the TOTOH Collective dashboard.

The Law of One Study Group is open to all members of TOTOH Collective. Membership is available to all positive seekers. A monthly subscription is required to become a member, priced on a sliding scale. Learn more and join here.

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Meeting Recordings

Recordings of the study portion of the meetings are available for replay on our Youtube channel.

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