Being Myself Study Group

Experiencing Our Essential Nature

Everyone has the sense of 'being myself', but we don't all see that self clearly. Together we'll study and practice the art of seeing ourselves as we really are. 

Rupert Spira, one of our contemporary masters on simply and cleanly conveying the teachings of non-duality, gifts the world great treasures in his talks and published works. Being Myself is one such gem.


"The knowledge of our own being, its knowledge of itself, is not only the most profound knowledge possible but also the most precious. It is the source of the peace and happiness for which we long above all else, and the foundation for the resolution of all conflicts." – Rupert Spira


In this study group, we will meet weekly for guided meditation, plus reading and discussion of the material. The aim of the group is to both study and practice the direct experience of our essential nature. And to be in touch with the implications of this direct experience, watching the effects ripple out to the rest of our lives and our experience of the world.


Each week, participants are asked to arrive ready for meditative contemplation of the material. And to come having read the current chapter for discussion. We will also re-read each week's chapter together.

The meetings will take place every Wednesday 6:30-8pm, Eastern time, beginning June 28th 2023.

Meetings are facilitated by TOTOH Collective faculty member, BJ Harden Jones. They will be held virtually on Zoom.

Due to the focus required to fruitfully participate, students are asked to be present, seated, and ready to bring their full attention for the duration of each call. The access link for the calls is located in the TOTOH Collective dashboard.

The Being Myself Study Group is open to all members of TOTOH Collective. Membership is available to all positive seekers. A monthly subscription is required to become a member, priced on a sliding scale. Learn more and join here.

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