Secret of Light Study Group

All is One in God, Through Light

Independent students of metaphysics gather to study Walter Russell's unified cosmology, reading and discuss the Secret of Light.

Walter Russell, a twentieth century American polymath and philosopher, gave the world a great treasure in the form of his collected writings and teachings. Central among these is his book, The Secret of Light.

In this study group, we will meet weekly to read through The Secret of Light. The aim of the group is to introduce students to Russell's unified cosmology, natural philosophy, and universal spiritual insights. And in so doing, support participants in deepening their capacity to Know for themselves how all things are connected through God or Creator. And to be empowered by this knowledge to become more powerful creators in their own lives and communities.

Over the course of our group study, we will also survey additional supplementary materials from Walter and Lao Russell's works: charts, diagrams, illustrations, and passages from books such as: The Universal One, A New Concept of the Universe, A Home Study Course, and The Divine Illiad.

Meeting Format

Each week, students will be given a handout containing a portion of the book. Students should read and contemplate this prior to meeting. The meetings will take place every Wednesday 7-8:30pm, Eastern time, beginning February 8th 2023.

Meetings are facilitated by TOTOH Collective faculty member, Aaron Maret. They will be held virtually on Zoom. Due to the focus required to fruitfully participate, students are asked to be present, seated, and ready to bring their full attention for the duration of each call. The access link for the calls is located in the TOTOH Collective dashboard.

The Secret of Light Study Group is open to all members of TOTOH Collective. Membership is available to all positive seekers. A monthly subscription is required to become a member, priced on a sliding scale. Learn more and join here.

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Meeting Recordings

Recordings of the study portion of the meetings are available for replay on our Youtube channel.

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